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How To Win Football Bets Using

This website shows detailed information about the form of all the UK football teams in the Barclays Premiership, Championship, League 1 and League 2. As the site contains so much information it may well be worth having a quick read of this page so as to be sure that your not missing any important information contained on the site that will help you win football bets.

Getting started

The first thing you will need to do is to select a bet and a time period which the form will be calculated on from the main search at the top of the page and click go.
how to win football bets step 1 - Bet, Form, Go
Once you have selected these you can then select to limit the leagues which are displayed in the form table. Many people limit their football bets to certain leagues but this is effectively limiting your chance of winning your football bet accumulator as there may well be a team in a different division who is bang on form that you overlook as you've limited yourself to say just the Barclays Premiership.

Win Football Bets displays all the leagues by default as we believe this gives you the best chance of winning football bets, however it can be useful to limit the leagues when looking at opponents form within certain leagues or if only one or two leagues have games that day. To do this simply tick the relevant boxes within the main search.
how to win football bets step 2 - Limit the bet search to specific leagues by ticking the relevant boxes

How The Win Football Bets Form Table Works

Once the form table loads up you can instantly see how all the teams rank against each other for the type of bet you have selected. The football teams will be ordered by their form over the time period you selected which you can alter at will. This initial view gives you a good idea of what to bet on however this form is based purely on the mathematical history of that team based on the relevant bet and as we all know there is more to betting than just past form.

Now you may need a little more information about certain teams before you are willing to include them in your football bet accumulator so if you click on the name of the team the table will open up to reveal a more detailed view of that teams form.
how to win football bets step 3 - Specific teams detailed football form guide

Season Form Based On Selected Bet

The thin bar just under the team name displayed that teams form across the entire season, it shows if the game was home or away and if that team would have won your selected bet on that game. If the box is yellow then that team would have won the bet, if the box is dark then the team would have lost the bet on that occasion. The most recent game is on the right hand side.
how to win football bets step 4 - Season Form Based On Selected Bet

Last 5 Games Detailed View Based On Selected Bet

Beneath the season view is a detailed view of the last 5 games, this shows you the scores, weather the game was home or away, the scorers for the selected team along with what minute they scored in and information about the next game for that football team. If the bet type relys on half-time scores then these will be shown in brackets beneath the final score.
how to win football bets step 4 - Detailed 5 Game Form Based On Selected Bet

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+ Both Teams To Score

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Bristol City 100.00
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Tottenham 100.00
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+ Teams to Lose

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Bristol City 100.00
Burton 80.00
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Newport 80.00
Northampton 80.00

+ Teams to Draw

- Teams to Draw

Peterborough 60.00
Yeovil 60.00
Birmingham 40.00
Blackpool 40.00
Bradford 40.00