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Here at Win Football Bets we are always striving to make our site as useful as possible for helping to win football bets. As we are a young dynamic company who are building this site for both ourselves and our users we are able to quickly implement any new ideas that could help us all to win more football bets.

Also if you spot any errors on the site or wrong statistics then please let us know so we can correct them immediately. As all our results are input manually this does add the possibility of some human error so any feedback is welcomed.

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5 Out of 5 stars

A refreshing unique take on the football statistics website

Reviewer: Mark Bainbridge - February 28, 2014

Win Football Bets This is a great resource for the UK based football gambler, it takes all the time out of researching the past statistics relating to each betting type making it easy to see any odds that are longer or shorter than they should be. I also like the way it doesn't try to make any predictions but just shows you the mathematical statistics and allows you to make your own mind up.

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+ Both Teams To Score

- Both Teams To Score

Bristol City 100.00
Carlisle 100.00
Newport 100.00
Barnet 80.00
Bolton 80.00

+ Teams to Win

- Teams to Win

Tottenham 100.00
Brighton 80.00
Chelsea 80.00
Colchester 80.00
Doncaster 80.00

+ Teams to Lose

- Teams to Lose

Bristol City 100.00
Burton 80.00
Crystal Palace 80.00
Newport 80.00
Northampton 80.00

+ Teams to Draw

- Teams to Draw

Peterborough 60.00
Yeovil 60.00
Birmingham 40.00
Blackpool 40.00
Bradford 40.00